2017 Eagle Scout Ceremony
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        The photographers, Marc and Tammy Carver, want to personally congratulate each and every Eagle Scout for achieving this milestone in your life. This prestigious award has been highly esteemed in both scouting circles as well  the community at large as a symbol of honesty and integrity.
             As stated  in the 2008 EAGLE SCOUT ROLL OF HONOR , "The award is more than a badge. It's a state of being. You are an Eagle Scout-never were. You may have received the badge as a boy, but you earn it every day as a man. In the words of the Eagle Scout Promise, you do your best each day to make your training and example, your rank and your influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in your troop, in your community, and in your contacts with other people. And to this you pledge your sacred honor."
        In keeping with this honorable occasion, three photographs were taken as an official reminder of this year's celebration. The images are currently being prepared for presentation and sale to all who want a permanent reminder of this historic event. Click on the button "View Photos" to view and order your official 2017 Eagle Scout photograph.Thank you once again for making this year's 2017 Eagle Scout Ceremony a wonderful event.