Electronic Retouching, Photo Editing

Price Sheet

    This heading is totally misunderstood by the SWBYP's guys.  Every year I want to advertise this service in the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages, but they never have the proper heading to enable you, the consumer, to find me.  I decided to use the Internet.  In best explaining this service, I believe a picture paints a thousand words, so spend some time in viewing the following images.  No, they're not wild and totally bizarre like the images you see in the trade magazines.   Those kinds of pictures leave me scratching my head wondering what kind of client would want images that resemble a graphic artist's bad dream.  I'm from the old school where clients hire my services to record the beauty of reality using my creative eye and lighting talents to enhance what is already present.  I guess wild images manipulated on a computer could be a good ad for some kind of drug dependency program.  Happy Viewing.

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