This shot was one of those Hallmark Card moments. While all of the adults were occupied practicing worship songs for Sunday service the children decided to take matters into their own hands. As I was running sound, I couldn't help but notice that the neighborhood dog was now in the building making friends with our children. I watched for the right moment and shot this frame using a Canon 200mm L series lens on an old F-1 body. The exposure was 1/15  of a second at f/4 using Ektachrome 400x slide film.  I can't believe this image even turned out as well as it did! After viewing this image I was reminded of a very important lesson. The key to spontaneous natural looking pictures requires the photographer to be ready with camera in hand at all times. (A simple rule, that after being in business for 20 years, I have been taking too lightly).  This image was scanned on my new Howtek 4500 drum scanner. I love the results. Especially in the shadow areas.