This composite was created as an after thought. We originally planned a group shot following the individual poses. However, because of time restrictions, the shot never happened. After the photo session I was talking to the Sheriff to better understand the department's history. I was searching for information that I could use to create a composite that best represented the Sheriff's Department. During the course of our conversation, the words "honesty", "integrity", and "service" continued to surface. At first,
I didn't understand where these words were coming from and yet, the men and women of this department displayed these virtues. Finally, something on the sleeve of Sheriff LeRoy Green caught my attention  and there it was, the idea I was looking for, an embroidered patch boldly pronouncing those words. "That's it!", I thought as I began explaining to Under Sheriff Mellott the picture that was coming to my mind. The idea that formulated was of a sunrise effect that represented Wyandotte County with men and women, who are governed by God, serving the citizens within its full boundaries with honesty, integrity, and devotion. The idea
was accepted. Now the true work began. In my profession, the rubber meets the road when I can produce on photographic paper
the same visual concept that began as a word picture in the minds of individuals.

    Thank you, Sheriff Green and your dedicated staff, for your presence in Wyandotte County. Keep up the good work!