No, this is not one of my recent photographs. What is recent is the Howtek scanner used to put together this image. I shot these images of downtown Boston in 1987 when my wife and I spent our honeymoon there. Yes, I did say images. This panorama is comprised of four separate images shot on 35mm color negative film. The final image that you see above is a 180 degree sweep of the city overlooking the Alantic ocean. The prints that I got back from the lab came out lousey. I still taped them together and hung them on the wall for awhile and admired the final product that I had created.  I always new that there would come a day when I could put these images together on the computer and bring back the true color in all of it's glory.  With Howtek, the day has arrived. This image will be finalized and a print of it hanging in my office that is 17" x 111".
    A print that size will need to be of the best quality and the highest resolution possible. With the Howtek 4500 I scanned each image at 4000 dpi creating a whopping 87 megabyte per image for the final panoramic to be created by the Durst Lamda digital printer.