Now that you  are here, you're probably wondering why in the world is this picture even on my web site. Well I'll tell you... This job was done for a Christmas gift in just a few more days. This image was just a small portion (about postage stamp size) of an old 1967 4x4" print. I first shot the original using my Canon F-1 with a 50mm macro lens. Next I developed the film and scanned it using my Polaroid SprintScan 35 Plus. Once in the computer, the fun began. When I first took the order I asked the client if she could remember any color information about this picture. She said, "O my yes, I took this picture." "I was just a Sophomore in high school and I loved to take pictures." "Her hair was yellow with some white in it." "Her sweater was a light blue and her dress was even a lighter blue." "The color of her eyes were bluish green."
    I wrote down the information she gave me and then took it a step further by taking a trip to the Public Library. I was in search of old magazines in hopes of finding wallpaper styles of  the sixties. I got close, but I was still only guessing as to the wallpaper color in the photograph. After the computer work was done I sent the digital file to my Polaroid Propalette 8000 film recorder and burned it back into a negative. I marched into the darkroom and within 20 minutes the final project was printed.
    When the client saw the colorize version her heart was overjoyed. So was mine. To see the colorized version just click on the above photo.