Making a portrait without retouching is not the practice of a professional photographer. In today's "reality series" approach to life, expecting the raw view of everyone you meet is great in theory, but for most of us it is a little too edgy and uncomfortable for our self-confidence.
     As a professional, I will retouch your selection to your approval. If you were born with a mole on your cheek, then a mole you will see. However, acne and other skin blemishes should be treated as passing elements. I will retouch the final image as though your photo was taken on a good complexion day.
     The three format sizes of your final selection are based on the needs of most clients. The three sizes most requested are a full frame photo quality, a wallet size at 300 dpi for newspaper and publication purposes, and a tightly cropped wallet size at 72 dpi for web purposes. If other sizes are needed, please request your specific details.